Practice Management

Specifically developed for accounting and professional services firms, IRIS Practice Engine is designed to make your business more efficient and effective.

Through our browser-based Practice Management system, we offer an effective solution for businesses who want to shorten the time and distance needed to get that bill out of the door.

We deliver one solution that allows you to better manage your firm. By automating vital processes, we enhance your billing and make the process involved leaner. Benefit from the on-screen billing for engagement biller and automated delivery.

Business Insight

With IRIS Practice Engine, gain greater visibility into your firm’s performance to take you to the next level. Our tools give you new insights into your key metrics, providing you with the clarity and confidence to make better business decisions.

You get flexibility to easily create meaningful custom reports to help manage your processes and drive your business. Reports that would take hours to create monthly and annually are available with just a few clicks – including real-time dashboards.

IRIS Practice Engine is a comprehensive cloud-based practice management tool that will provide you with the tools and visibility to drive your firm forward. Key features include:

Time & Billing

Proven and flexible time and billing features that can meet any of your firms requirements, including billing automation and mobile time entry.

Integrated Workflow

Efficiently move work throughout the firm in one efficient and accountable system that can make job management and tracking simple.

Streamlined Scheduling

Streamline your people and processes further with an intelligent scheduling module (US version only).

Powerful Reporting

Use our extensive and dynamic reports and portfolios, which are built into the system, or easily integrate with Microsoft Power BI and our Data Warehouse to go to the next level.

Comprehensive Client Management

From prospect to payables, our system can be used for opportunity and prospect tracking.

Expense Management

Track all of your staff’s costs related to client and every day work.

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