About IRIS Practice Engine

Over 120 firms around the world are using IRIS Practice Engine, with sizes ranging from 23 to 2,300. We’re proud to say that our clients include many from the top 100 firms in UK, the top 20 in Ireland and the top 100 in the U.S., but we serve all growing, forward thinking practices who want one solution that enables them to better manage their firm.

IRIS Practice Engine helps you look forward with confidence. Our practice management solution gives you the clarity and confidence to make better business decisions. We secure and retain our clients through a combination of strong technical knowledge, huge depth of experience, and by building close relationships. Through our browser-based Practice Management system, we offer an effective solution for businesses who want to shorten the time and distance needed to get that bill out of the door.

IRIS Practice Engine provides a significant return on investment, enabling firms to reduce time wasted, and save costs incurred, in terms of billable time from Partners and Managers.


We are a compact team of cross-skilled industry experts. This experience is not only related to the advanced technology we use, but also to the successful running of a professional firm. We could quote any number of years’ experience; however, we believe this meaningless. The real recipients of our experience are our valued customers. IRIS Practice Engine is accounting technology and our strength is practice management!

IRIS Software Group

In 2019, Practice Engine was acquired by IRIS Software Group, which is the largest privately held software company in the UK. Practice Engine became IRIS Practice Engine in May 2020.

IRIS helps over 80,000 businesses, schools and public sector organizations successfully manage their critical operational tasks. IRIS’ mission is to simplify the lives of businesses, schools and organizations, by providing software solutions and services that substantially enhance operational compliance, efficiency and accuracy.

IRIS’ operational software is the invisible but essential beating heart of its customers’ businesses, supporting them in a range of objectives, from maintaining legislative compliance, to boosting engagement with stakeholders, to enhancing productivity.

Why choose IRIS Practice Engine?

Increasing efficiency

IRIS Practice Engine is about helping accounting firms work more effectively and efficiently. It’s designed to simplify sending a bill, and it delivers direct savings through application use.

Dynamic, insightful reporting

We improve accountants’ financial reporting, making the process simpler, with included reports, a data warehouse and an established integration with Microsoft’s Power BI.

Better billing

We enhance your billing and make the process involved leaner, with automation playing a key role. You can benefit from many features, including the on-screen billing for the biller, scheduled drafting and automated delivery.

Boosting effectiveness

IRIS Practice Engine includes great user-friendly features that help to make your business even more effective by cutting administrative costs, remote working and proper project control.

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